Raspberry PI - SteamCMD

Anybody gotten this to work? I can’t get the shell script to execute to download the Linux files…

Can the Raspberry Pi even run SRCDs?..

may i add in the fact that the pi can barely run a minecraft server? IF this is even possible (thats a big if too), all you could probably do is like a 3 person server on gm_flatgrass with a prop limit of perhaps 10.

srcds only runs on x86 processors (the Pi has an ARM), so even if the Pi was powerful enough (which it absolutely isn’t), this still wouldn’t be possible.

Connect 500 pi together do outstanding results

I figured that it was an issue with the fact that the PI CPU is an ARM, but I figured it was worth the try.

being an ARM doesn’t really matter, its more of the fact that the processor is just too underpowered and there really isn’t enough ram.

I disagree; my srcds server runs using under 300mb ram at all times, and the new pi has 512mb

I’ve already tried it. Source Dedicated Server is not compiled for ARM processors. You can try, but it will simply tell you that it can’t execute the binary file.

The Raspberry Pi is designed mainly for programming. Meanwhile, mine manages all the electrical systems of my truck. All sensors hook to it.