Rastifan's Facepunch reality (or should be)

I had to pick someone for the flat grass:)

I find it ironic how the women love oranges.


Took you long enough to realize that.


See if anyone spot the little error I put in.

I see a spelling mistake!


Fixed you grammar slaves:) But it is not that. It is in pic one. Kind of why I place the female models there.

Didn’t I already said something about how the women were fascinated by the oranges?

Then you are not blinded by beauty:)

Why do you have a bunch of men in drag posing in front of your picture?

There are two girls there. It was just random model picking. Wasn’t the point.

Aww man, when will somebody show me in their facepunch reality, I SHOULD have something, even if it is negative.

hop on the bandwagon here we go

i have to make one of these

Look at me… more clueless than I was on my test today… good God.

Viewing things at a new angle? Why is that painting sideways?

Was kind of the joke. I placed the female models there to see if people would see past them and notice the picture angle. They did:)

that’s because those fucking models are ugly as shit