RAT(Rust Admin Tool)

Hello, guys!
I made a online web admin tool, named RAT.


On current moment it’s really unstable and in beta, but it can:

  • Send chat/notice
  • Ban/BanID/Kick/Give/GiveAll/TeleCoords/TelePlayer/RunCommand/Restart
  • Admin levels (chat, kick, ban, give, giveall, settings, admins, restart)
  • Chat/Console logging in real-time
  • Teleport presets
  • MySQL support

It’s developed with node.js + socket.io, and orienteer in realtime administration(no page reloading or so).

vesion 0.2b (March 2 2014):

- Added MySQL support
- Added admin add/edit/remove
- Added admin levels (chat, kick, ban, give, giveall, execute, teleport, settings, admin)
- Implemented migration support through [node-db-migrate](https://github.com/kunklejr/node-db-migrate)

vesion 0.2.1b (March 2 2014):

- Added Teleport presets
- Player list update on connect/disconnect
- Added steam profile link
- Added restart button
- Implemented 404 error page
- Added server console logging

If you have some new ideas or issues, contact me via email (or just PM here)
E-mail: cryfall@gmail.com

See it on Trello: https://trello.com/b/dynZmdKj/rustadmintool-rat

Download from GitHub: https://github.com/m1ome/RAT


Poor choice for a name.
How about fRUSTrated or fRUSTrADMIN
Since a RAT isnt anything good.

Rat is not very nice only at first view, but it’s a very smart animal :slight_smile:

Ok, i’ll post a logo with a Rat on it :eng101:

:v: Okay

This looks awesome, but how do I know when I enter my rcon password it is secure and won’t be stolen/viewed by some one else?

You dont, same as with rusty rcon. You have to trust him, or check the provided code for backdoors by yourself.

Code is open-source.
You can check it :slight_smile:

Tommorow will deploy some changes:

  • MySQL support
  • Multiple admins support
  • ACL for admins (chat, kick, ban, give, e.t.c)
  • Teleport presets

Fair question here… What makes RAT different than Rusty, or RCC?

In other words, what are you offering, or offering different, from these other admin tools>

  • Tool is open-source
  • Tool is web-based (it means, tool can be accessed from OSX, Linux and Windows)

This is what it is now. In some additional time more functional will be promoted:

  • Admin levels (no need to share RCON passwords on Vanilla servers)
  • API support (linking with your websites e.t.c)

Is that enough ? :slight_smile:

No a bad start, might have to check it out. :wink: :wink:

Very interested in admin levels for vanilla servers! Thank you!

Try to deploy build with this feature tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

goodluck on you’re Project
i may try it out


Updated to 0.2b.
Changes in first message

Might create my own piece to this if i can manage with a login screen

You can use default credentials - admin/123.
But change this, please :slight_smile:

I fixed bug, with no-admin auth in 0.2b.
You can redownload it from git, or just use git pull

I might just be very stupid. But how do I even run this on Windows?