ratchet and clank sweps

hi i doubt many of you have played any of the ratchet and clank series,its for kids and is playstation exclusive, but basicly it involves oversized weapons, some off which have ridiculous properties, these are the more original weapons

quack o ray
-turns people into ducks

lava gun
a water pistol-that shoots lava

agents of doom
little robots guardians that you throw on the floor, they have little lazer guns and kamikazi when out of ammo

tesla spikes
zap anyone near them and makes an electric wire between another spike that is near

cryo mine, a mine that freezes any enemy it touches

dynamo of doom
the ball comes off and creates a huge field of electricity around it, the ball is bigger the longer you charge it and it rolls forwards

omni wrench
an oversized wrench

rift inducer
watch the video

No models = No weapons.

Those videos = not helpful at all.

Also, the Obliterator from Up Your Arsenal would be sweet.

i dont care to much about models, the pictures are misleading. you could probably do most of them with a similar looking model

Could of course use _Kilburn and my code to attach client side models to weapons, Now that would get you somewhere making it look better :3: