Ratchet Model (WIP)

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a recreation of a pretty famous character- Ratchet for my upcoming short CGI. So far I have done the head without textures and eyes because I’ve ran into some problems. The reason for those problems is that the model is made in mudbox, furthermore I’m new to 3DS max, and it’s a big trouble for me to port and edit the model in there.
Right now I’m looking for a partner who can take care of 3ds max editing and polishing(Payment Included). You can add me on steam by pressing the button under my avatar.
The progress so far.


Anything related to ratchet and clank I’d be glad to help.

Was actually working on porting him over to source but that stuff is on hold right now.


Great than, how about you add me than?

It depends on what your actually doing, is this a SFM film or totally unrelated to source?

This is CGI, Isn’t really related to source atall

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But I have some very simple tasks

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Looking for 3dsmax assistants to help me with the project!

i’m actual doing this also. i’m glad if you looking for this

i have been porting for source, its been for months that i haven’t been finished.

look what i have did so far

Great job, But what I’m doing isn’t really for source, its for blender, so If you wanna help me with some easy tasks, I would appreciate

And yes I’ve probably posted this in the wrong section :frowning: (Just realised that)

oh i see.
i’m currently using 3ds Max for modeling and such.

anyways, nice Ratchet model that you make it :slight_smile:

and i thinks, i have been excited to posting on this thread…

Holy shit! How long until it’s finished?

i’m started porting Ratchet & Clank models on around October 2013
i don’t know how its will be finished, its depends on what i have times.

Hey If you have extra time, I need 3ds max assistant to help me with Ratchet,who can remove polygons and make basic models

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Tiny Update!
*Improved Lips
*Added temprorary eye meshes
*Improved years
*Improved chin
*Improved brows


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John117, I’m waiting for you’re reply

Small Update:


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Really looking for assistance

Looks good so far but the chin is kind of weird. Looks like it’s going to far away to the front. Haven’t played any ratchet and clank games though so my memory is not really good.

It’s made on purpose, we are not trying to copy him, we are trying to recreate him in more realistic CGI way

Wow nice you rigged him and added facial expressions kudos to you man looks great

josh, get online please, I know you’re there

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Things been great recently, we’ve found a great modeler and the project is now in works.




Special thanks to John117 for being a grate modeler and a great team member.

Can’t see the progress but damn is that drawing adorable.

should be working now

Looks really good so far, but I wouldn’t sculpt the fur. I would rather let it simulate the fur which I think can 3dsmax do but I haven’t used it in a very long time.