Rate my base (v.2)

Hey guys, I posted a Rate My Base thread a few weeks back and I was immediately given negative feedback for it because it was easily raidable.

Well you guys said it wouldn’t last the night but IT DID… It just didn’t survive the following day.

So, I took your advice and I built a new one to try and avoid griefers and raiders.

What do you guys think? This is the second base I built instead of basing with other people.




Inside is a huge maze of lots of metal doors and the pattern is changed every level


What do you guys think? Am I doing this right?

Isn’t that on Central 3 Stress Test on the south edge of Next Valley? Location’s a big issue, especially if you are the only one guarding it.

very NICE!

Is the roof completely shut? If the roof is not completely shut then I can spot two major flaws;

The first and biggest flaw, there is spare room around the outside parameter for people to build up a single foundation, build stairs up, enter in from roof entrance (again if there is one).

Second is the pillar design is nice but it has a couple draw backs, chiefly being vulnerable when you are not online. That’s usually a thing for all bases but since those pillars are your form of outer “defense”, they are also subject to decay. If they decay away while you are offline, they’ve become useless and now you have a section of base foundations exploitable / griefable. Also as we’ve seen demonstrated in other raiding videos, the super tall pillar formations, depending upon base length / width don’t always stop a ramp from being built. So if your loot starts on floor two or three, someone could find a spot for a ramp, plop the ramp down, then a box, then a barricade etc till they can reach the wall of the level to blow.

The inside maze is a good step, just never keep your loot on base level where they can kind of scope it out through the holes in the wood walls. Spread your loot around your maze, never concentrate it all in one single loot room, make them waste as much c4 as they have to to get every last piece of loot. It’s a challenge in base building as much as it is in raiding as well, well designed bases can fend off small time raids easily and even some larger ones. Once you get to the point it starts to take 50-60 c4 to fully loot a base then you’re doing good. While some may say a small group can farm 50-60 c4 “in a day” (as some claim), a single person causing a large group to waste that much c4 is a victory in of itself.

And as always, if you can use metal, which guarantees people will go through doors (since a metal wall can’t be taken out with a single c4 like wood can).

Too big and not hidden in the hills.
Doesn’t looks bad but I never would build something like that.
Too easy to raid.

Try to build in the hills.
There are some spots where almost every site of your base is hidden and covered by rocks.

Can’t really see which pillars you have going more than 1 high on the outside. If you give even a small area with 1 high pillars I’ll build a shack, jump on top of the pillar and build my own stairs and pick the floor I want to c4.