Rate my base?

I’ve been playing for a week now and I’ve been doing pretty well on a bunch of servers, acquired full arsenals of weapons and armour and made lots of friends. Most of the bases I stayed at belonged to friends, though.

I made the mistake of using a window in a few older bases but I think I’m getting the hang of it all.

How does my base look? (not impervious to C4 attacks but I think it’s small enough that people wouldn’t waste c4 on me anyway lol)






1 c4 and I am in…

id give it a 0.2 / 10

Put a doorway and door at the front of your porch, before somebody else does.

Thanks, I will
How about wooden door so that raiders don’t think much of the base and may not bother with it anyway?

Wooden door is a bad idea. Wont survive for a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Else i like it. It got a nice “loner in the woods” flair to it.
Its not secure at all but as long as you are online you can still defend it.

Well if they wanted to, they could just hatchet down the spikes but I don’t have much in my base anyway

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Yes, I play on a server with maximum 45 people online, fairly quiet and the base is hidden-ish.

I’ll put up a metal door I suppose

His point werent raiders, but griefing.
If you leave foundation like taht someone can just place 3 walls around it and trap you inside.
Rendering your house useless, unless you are willing to waste c4 on getting back inside.

How would I avoid that on the empty foundation? Just pillars in between pillars? I want it to still look sort of nice and would rather not use walls unless it’s my only choice.

I put up a metal door, should I put down actual walls though, between the two metal doors (rendering the barricades useless)?

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Would the opinion be to place pillars in the entrance where a griefer could place walls? Or to just place walls myself?

I’ve seen plenty of bases that looked nice. If there weren’t already looted, I was normally in a 30 seconds. My advice: embrace security, forget aesthetics.

As for replacing the barricades on the porch with walls, it will certainly be more secure. The barricades can be chopped down, whereas the walls will require C4.

My original comment was indeed about preventing trolling of your base. A doorway and a door are quick and cheap to build, and chances a good a drive-by troll will ruin your day. You should also check that they can’t just stick another foundation in front of your door and block you in that way. Its usually better to build on a slope where the drop off creates a natural limitation to adding new foundations.

It looks like a nice place to live… But its very raidable

5/5 aesthetically
0/5 security

10/10 would raid

A bit more secure now, what do you guys think?