Rate my house

Hey guys ! I got bored a bit so I tried making nice house in some place far in forest. So theres what I made. It’s just an art so rate, no questions like “when it’s going to be released” welcome


Well the cliffs are a bit blocky and there is a severe lack of trees on the one side. But great map-art altogether.

the lighting is good

Never thought that somebody is going to rate background even thread is “Rate my house” thanks tho =3 :smiley:

Yeah. There aren’t many trees since I focused on lightmaps and outside looking. Also blocky cliffs ? You kiddin me ? I know they look kinda odd but I really focused on housing.

It looks like you didn’t even use displacements for them

I know, amazing job on the houses, way better than I’ve seen in a long time.

But you asked for criticism. :stuck_out_tongue:

For cliffs ? I did, but you shall really focus on house.

Yes and that’s what I’m getting so far (Good for me, can fill my to-do list)

The lighting in image 13 should be improved somewhat and the kitchen should be more open, especially in a house this size. Try removing the wall next to the stairwell.

The stairs look much too tall, what’s their height? Usually don’t try and make them more then 10 units, as it starts to look weird (imo).

The hallway on the second floor should be smaller as it is an almost complete waste of space.

The weird attic like scape in image 4 should be removed (imo).

Where do these people bathe and use facilities? D:

Now THAT’S criticism.


Try moving the light entities inside the house to be in the middle of the grid in the roomd they are in, and don’t put them directly in contact with the lamp props in order to remove the huge bright spots around the lamps in the ceiling.

Not bad, I like the idea and environment lighting. It is also nice that you used window and door frames. Nonetheless,

-Walls are too thick
-Indoor lighting is unrealistic
-House is a bit blocky
-Interior needs furnishings

It could also use a driveway, though this isn’t required. But with more work this has a lot of potential.

Haha yeah, forgot to place furniture and some interior. I gotta make room for “those” things :smiley:

Its only cause I added “Fall off distance” and forgot to change brightness.

Take a look at new pics (1st post)

The lighting is good, and if you throw in a road a skybox finish the trees and maybe a small pond, you’ll be set.


Fuck me there already is a pond.

Haha :D. And why road ? All I will do is making texture a bit blend so it will form a road. No worries =3.
The road will be leading from one part of map to second part

I think its really nice, just add more trees to the other side. The house is excellent, as is the lighting.

Looks really good man, one little concern, the ceiling in image 4 I think it is, the texture doesn’t really fit, otherwise, really pretty.

Ahh yeah. Just noticed it.

very nice house. I love the work you’ve done on lightmaps and the lighting. Great use of them!

Yeah the kitchen needs to be open. Opening it fully up and putting in a nice counter in place of the split with an island in the middle of the kitchen will make it look great.