Rate My Stuff!

At this point, I’ve uploaded quite a fiew files. Some of them are successful, some aren’t. Sadly, garrysmod.org has no rating system, but i still want to know what people think! So, please give me your thoughts, suggestions for stuff, etc.

My Stuff---->http://www.garrysmod.org/user/?u=58765&rnum=400910

Your opinions are appreciated :slight_smile:

I like your stuff, maybe next upload could be a cool blood mod? oh and could I add you on steam?

Sorry jmanbag, but my steam is private— But i’ll take you up on that blood-mod thing :slight_smile:


In fact, i’ll get started now.

Aww ok, thanks for trying a new blood mod though :slight_smile:

Jmanbag, here it is. I simply used the l4d decals to make for better splatter. It’s quick and simple, but does the job :slight_smile: It’s not the best, but when it comes to covering a wall in blood that isn’t cheese, it does the job. --------->http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=69796


I like it, in fact I like all of your stuff, but, I couldnt happen to resist the temptation of looking at your awesome display picture and thinking, what if someone made something like tht, when you shoot a person, and a blood streamish like thing came out, that would be so cool, im not asking for you to do it, but maybe you could look into it! thanks anyways :smiley:

hello, can you use the day of defeat weapons for npcs also, or is it just counter strike weapons?

thanks in advance,

Sooo… frederick, you can use day of defeat weapons for npcs— the bad news is, they’re “minge-models”, or models that have a tendency to stick out of the npcs… happy place. I’m sorry, as i’ve tried myself.


Also, jmanbag, i’ll look into that blood-spray thing. It seems a little complicated, but maybe i can mod dismemberment mod to use it. I don’t know, but i’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much if its successful

oh well, if you ever plan to fix it, please notify me, as i’d love to have world war 2 weapons for my day of defeat npcs.

I will defenately give it a shot sibelius. I agree that it would be awesome. Maybe i could use some nice custom holdtypes from CSS to :slight_smile:

that would work, but then i’d have to buy counter strike. oh well, twenty dollars out of my pocket isn’t much.

Well, in the best possible conditions, i’m going to try to use DoD holdtypes anyway. I’ve been working on it all night… Does anyone know where garry found the files for just the hl2 weapons?

Hey i was just wondering how the hell do i turn this stuff on. It looks cool and i dont know how to use it so i use that old one that one dousche has.

you’ed have to ask him. i come to people like you for answers, as clearly i’m not smart enough to make my own.

DOD Sweps are pretty bad, no world modesl. Instead they appear around his middle area…

But that’s just me.

Ya… that’s what i’m trying to fix. For now i’m making some good progress, but don’t expect anything for a while :frowning: I think garry may have edited CSS weapon’s models “bone” structures to work like hl2’s weapons… if i can edit that it may work. I don’t have much experience with models though…

If you try other people’s DoD weapons its the same. But, like i said, that’s what i’m working on for now :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, but what do you mean by “this stuff”? I’d love to help you, but i don’t know what you’re talking about :slight_smile:

Looks good, downloading the bullettime mod now :slight_smile:

i’m really excited about your day of defeat npc sweps in the proper place!

Good news-- I’m getting realllly close! I’ve found out how garry made the css weapons work; now all i need to do is find the program that did it. Expect it by… uhhhh… friday. So far so good :slight_smile: With the way it’s working, they may be fixed for player models to.