Rate this terrible picture

This is basically just an edit of my other one, I added in the crap blood effects. Theres alot I need to improve on but I think its kinda critique worthy now!

Also, how DO I do good blood? The blood here sucks more than a hooker.

Oh wow I’m impressed. Its not that bad actually,just darken it up a bit. Pose and camera angle still suck though.

Thank you MoldFungus :smiley:

Yeah, posing and angle sucks but for some reason I couldnt edit the expressions of DoD models so I had to find a way to hide his face :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways…I originally wanted to do film grain but couldnt find it on gimp so did this instead. And what do you mean by “darken it up”? Like black and white?

The blood is too bright and doesn’t make sense. Looks like he was shot as he was falling and the shooter is down to the left of the picture.

So lose the blood keep the hole? I can throw in like more holes

Make the blood darker

I will try, but gonna work on a new pic tommorow. Thanks.

Oh and 1 really random question, how do I create film grain? And how do I make a picture all black and white…there are no options in GIMP.

And how do I change the direction of my custom brushes?