RatedMGaming - Chicago - Oxide - PvP - Infection Mod - Adult Administration

Honestly, I was happy with just having a server my coworkers and close friends could play on. But, some of them wanted more action.
As an attempt to gain more regulars, Ill post a little about our server.

We are not a new server by any means. We were taking our time to figure out all our settings and mods before posting.
Enjoying the quite low population action. At one point, we were rated number 3 on the toprustservers, without paying for sponsorship.
However, we were not happy with the old host we were using and moved forward with a new one. This caused some turmoil with our regulars out side our own little clique, and the majority left.

Some key points on the server:
Freshly wiped 2.1.2014
Server location is outside Chicago.
50 slots.
Infection Mod
-If you get hit by a zombie, you will become infected. If you die while infected a zombie spawns in place of you, named after you, and will contain all your loot. If someone then kills that zombie, the person may loot the zombie and will have the opportunity to take everything you had in your inventory when you died.
PvP during both night time and day time.
Everyone spawns with a standard kit automatically. No need to type /kits.
-The kit includes an M4, MP5, leather clothing, respective ammo and a sleeping bag. One Silencer and one Holo sight.
-This kit may change, as we still have our feelers out with the general public on what they want and dont want.
Normal craft times during the day, and no craft time during nights. This is automatically done, no admins required to be online.
Admins do NOT have access to give themselves or anyone else special treatment.
Teleporting is active for everyone. Use /tphelp in chat for more info.
Basic Economy is on, so are Bounties. (use /help in game for more commands and help text.)
FPS Booster is on and anyone is allowed to use the command
-/fps allows you to simply reduce the graphics requirements, and generally improves fps and game play. I personally gain 40 fps using this command.
In game voting system is installed, allowing voting for kicks, bans, airdrops and really anything…
Sleepers are off.
-Combat logging is a shameful act in our opinion, and violators will be punished up to and including a ban.

Currently, we have NO restrictions on crafting. The loot/spawn tables have not been altered. This may change down the road, depending how crazy things “may” get.

The Staff:
Brian: I am 30+ years old, married, kids, 2 full time jobs. I have been pc gaming and hosting servers since Counter Strike.
Aaron (A3RMG) : 25+ years old, full time employed, avid pc gamer and server admin for many moons. Friends with Brian for 6+ years.
GeoZombie :
DreadX :

The Community:
Rated M Gaming has been around for some time. We were/are active in Counter Strike, CS:S, CSGO, Path of Exile, Diablo, 2, and 3. Many of the RMG members have been in leagues, won championships, and have moved on with their own lives. Brian and Aaron are the lone survivors, and have since added a few regulars to the family. Dread X and his real life friend GeoZombie have become a part of the RMG family. All of us are very friendly, have a good time, and enjoy meeting new players worldwide.

We welcome you to our server, our website, the forums and even the Ventrilo. (Vent, shows you we’re still old school eh?)

We run a smooth operation; but a tight ship. Admins are required to follow the same guidelines as the rest of the community, new or veterans. We try to be fair and just in our actions and uphold a higher standard in our community and servers.

Interested? Click the link below or just join the server.
Cya in the fields of survival


If you are apart of a group or team wanting to not own a server but have everything set for you. We are willing to make Forum specific channels, Ventrilo/Mumble Private channels and admins, and in game admins to any game we host in the near future.

On the other side were are always willing to try players out for admins but hold a strict Community ban policy for any rules broken by an admin.

We look forward to gaming with anyone!