Rathalos,Rathian,and Lagiacrus[MH3]







Monsters from MONSTER HUNTER TRI on the Wii

I’ve been trying to rip these guys myself, but to no avail(freezes at title screen). Would someone rip and port these guys? With the new bone limit and all, I reckon its about time Creatures/Monsters can be in GMOD at last.

Dude, you will be forever in my debt if you find a way to port these. I love MHTri
Though I’m still stuck on the Rathalos, Barioth, (Stupid damn ninja Smilodon son of a bitch) and Diablos battles…

I know a way that you could extract the models without needing an emulator. It involves extracting files straight from the game using a program called Wii scrubber, and converting them with a program called brresviewer.

You might need to re-assign the textures once you convert the models, but the UV maps come intact for the most part. The models should also come pre-rigged, which saves a lot of time.

If you are actually interested in using this method, I will explain it in more detail.

Yeah, I’ve already figured out the method as well, and extracted every single monster, fish, animal, human, or whatever from the game.