Ratiasu 74 [Light Scout Walker]

It’s been a while since I’ve built anything because i have been in a state of depression because almost all my stuff doesn’t work anymore due to the new physics engine addon Garry installed as a default.

Anyways, heres one of my latest creations, Ratiasu 74.

If you are wondering what I used, It was Sestze’s mech expression with major changes to the applyforce to adapt to the new engine, plus, I tried to compensate because I had to make the leg platform from scratch. Before, the e2 alone sent the walker into space, then after about an hour of editing, I got it to adapt to my platform. I also added a mouse aimed head as well into the expression.

Really long intro.

Dumb long intro.
Huge resolution video for nothing.
No antialliasing.
Terrible encoding.
Terrible actual video resolution.

Another mech that performs exactly the same as everyone else who uses that expression. Just this one has a shitty video.

Make a mech that the legs make it move, not one that applies some magical force to make it go forward. It looks like it is walking but it is not.

It looks like a furry.

Nice. Edited the video to much.

i agree with everything but the last bit, don’t hassle setze

Well, I am not hassling him as much as everyone else who uses it exactly the same.

no association to facepunch:(

I personally don’t get why you (And a hell of a lot of other people in this forum) have such an issue with applyForce. I mean seriously, when wire thrusters were released, did you bitch because people didn’t have to manually press the numpad buttons anymore? applyForce is just as much of a tool.

Critics can stfu. I think this mech looks pretty cool. So what if it uses wonderforce. Try making a mech that uses the legs to make it walk before your criticize this dude’s stuff. Believe me, I know how hard it is. Tho, I do have a working theory that involves wheels, ropes, adv ballsocket, axises, and a gyro based indicator to identify which leg needs to stretch out. Though the gyro part is only an untested theory, I’m confident that it would work. I got this idea from playing around with slapper engines. I’ll have to do some footage later though. I procrastinate sooooo much.

I love applyforce. I use it on many things. For this situation though, you are making something walk. This contraption, and anything using Setze’s walking chip, all it does it make it look like it is walking, then push it around. This is the same as the old mechs that used hydraulics to make it look like it was walking, and thrusters to push it along.

It has been a long time since the start of those type of mechs. Everyone makes the exact same kind of mech, as in the legs not powering it. This is just the same old thing.

Long intro.

It has knee fins.

Is it me or is everyone being a critic.

Did you forget that you’re on Facepunch? …although any forum would criticize it because of your pompous attitude. “What will be shown is the epitome of all walkers, this drone beats all walkers (…) the most advanced light drone…” seriously??? That and most of your video is words, and a couple of slow pans around this ‘epitome’ which is yet anther walker based on Sestze’s code. Video Pro-tip: Record in uncompressed, edit in uncompressed, create a second uncompressed version for upload. Also, epic music does not make up for the severe lack of content.

The movie wasn’t compressed, I kept my computer on for 4 days to upload 4+ gb of video.

And all of it was wasted it seems. Anyways, what is the point of this mech? I do not get the targetting system. It is a “laser” that points down, not where the weapons hit, and accepts only 2 weapons. The mech itself is ok, but all it seems to do is the same as EVERY OTHER MECH CHIP MECH.

You mean applyForce() ™

Rabble Rabble ordinary mech nothing special

Looks like it moves and functions well, it looks cool too, good job. There’s no need for that massive roleplay video though in the contraptions section though, just a small video in which it shows its functionality would work. Vids like that belong in the video section, you’ll just get criticized here.

I could upload a video with better QL in less then a hour, and i have a really shitty connection. :confused: