Ratings for garrysmod.org

I think we should have a rating system so the old but high downloaded stuff is
not at the top and the new highly rated stuff is at the top and the low rated
stuff is kept from the high rated stuff.

Just use the most downloaded?

Most of it is old crap.Like the portal gun which for some reason is still on there.



And this way the new good maps are at the top of the charts.

There are so many little kids and trolls on garrysmod.org

They will either spam rate or rate because they couldnt figure out how to install it…

I mean just look at comments.

Finding text can be hard since those trolls are spamming facepalms.
And I’m too lazy to scroll through 100000000000 facepalms.

When I meant comments, it was about how much of a failure that was and how ratings would be the same…