Rations unit for Darkrp

Im posting this for |==|GlitchVid|==| (friend of mine) he does have an Account but i dunno, is kinda etchy with posting threads. he owns a Server called Red City Roleplay.

Remember Free Admin will be given to the First who can Accomplish this. My name on Steam is [Wut?-LDR]Mr. TK and i am Super Admin on Red City RP.

I might do this tomorrow-ish if nobody else does (not for the admin, just because it’s simple).

Details to help whoever ends up making it :
Should it be only spawnable by certain classes or teams?
Should it have a cost?
Be admin only?
Plus any other limitations/details you want to throw in.

Author will be mentioned with it (Custom skin?).

It can only be spawned by the following teams: ow,owner,mayor.
No cost.
Admin only, Yes!.

Im happy just as long as it Adds the customizable amount of money to the player and sets there hunger back to 100%. (Command be like rp_rationmoney <ammount>)

It also needs to dissipate after one use.

Thanks in advance.

So… the player has to be ow(?), owner(?), mayor and admin?

You could probably make a derma menu which gives you a button to spawn “ent_ration”.

Then make a entity called “ent_ration”, state the model and use the Ent.OnUse function to add $200 dollars to the person and 100% hunger.

Just as long as i have the ent_(whatevernameyouchoose) i can force its spawn in the console (ulx ent).
As for teams, it dosent really matter i just want it so when we do HL2 RP the admins can spawn the rations and the CPs can hand them out.

To anybody who makes this, can you add comments too please?


Thar :

Works with latest DarkRP SVN.

Awesome Thanks. just come to Red City Rp to claim your Admin whenever.

Thanks a ton man!

Although a full feature thing i would hope would have a object by the model models/props_combine/Combine_Dispenser.mdl and then when pressed E on it would get the persons name and then deploy one ration unit then they couldn’t get another ration untell a time (time could be set via console) That would be my dream of one.

I was thinking of something very similar earlier.

Can that be done via LUA ? I think you could use just a entity and have it record the SteamID and every so many seconds (again have them be settable via con command) and when the person pressed E on it it would play the animation for deploying one and then the it would spawn the ration entity right there and the person could use it.

But then it would take the fun out of the roleplay, of having the combine hand out rations. It would be reduced to a chore you have to do every once in a while.

I don’t exactly agree. Maybe we have the combine have to deliver the rations and it will auto deploy?

Its been hard getting the players to come and get rations at certain times. So having this regulate times would be alot better then player regulation.

Wouldn’t it be possibe to, when a ration is “Used”, create a timer, which wont allow you to “Use” another ration for a couple of minutes?

Yeah but then people could just pocket them.

Then add them to the pocket blacklist so they can’t be pocketed.

If they don’t come let them starve. Simple :slight_smile:

Yea, set hungermod on, make a Chef job and make the timer " 'till next ration " to like, 10 minutes or something. Something like that would help.