- + Rats City + - PVP/Bounty/Economy/Groups/Quests/DoorShare


New PvP Server: net.connect **

The city is abandoned and all that remains are rats…
80% Craft
Stats + Ranks - Find out who is the best and worst
Economy - Buy, Sell and trade
Quests - get items from kills
Groups - Join with friends and disable friendly fire. Private messaging for groups
**Bounty Hunting **- Put a price on somebody’s head!
Airdrops - Set to 8 players Online
**Active Admins **- Admins who care and dont abuse. Maintain updates and be fair most of all!

Please join this small community run by** mature players** who are sick of unstable servers. We want to have a place to** build** and have **active users **daily who want to have fun! The server will continue developing as new plugins come out and eventually turn into a specific gamemode.

Nice server, friendly admin, loved the Hotel idea next to rad town xD, cool place to start my new base.

Hey guys, it was nice playing in the server yesterday. I will bring more people over. Lets start killing eachother soon xD

Thanks guys community seems to be building up a bit and getting fun :stuck_out_tongue: oxide is great just checking out some of the new plugins that come out. What would you guys want on the server?

The quest of 200 zombies for a supply signal is awesome dude, well spent time ^^.