Rats Style - 1985 Bedroom (Beta release)


I wouldn’t say this is the right theme for a PVK 2 map?, But for Random Posing/Fun in Garrysmod or a Css match is seems quite nice, The playboy mag was a nice touch though.


Oh wait nevermind i didn’t read whole OP about the idea of a captains quarters rats map.

Looks cool. You should make a bathroom for a rats map or the inside of a car. For the bathroom you can go into the toilet into a tunnel of water and for the car there could be spots that lead into the engine or something. Keep up the good work though.

There already is a bathroom rat map, but the inside of a car would be interesting…

Walls look boring and empty.


I tought this was real-life O.O.

How about a different wallpaper? One with a pattern.

I prefered it when you were making a full on rats mod, but nice map none the less


I agree