'Ravage' NPC and Player model

This is a weird request basically I’m asking if someone can make a NPC and Player Model of the Decepticon Ravage from Transformers 2, There is no transformer related items for Gmod anywhere except for the backgrounds, if anyone needs info on ravage ask me and I’ll tell you.(I’ve seen the movie and gathered plenty of info on him)

Heres a picture of him: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6c/Ravage_ROTF.jpg

Heres a bit of info about him that may be necessary:
-Ravage is armed with what appears to be twin heavy machine guns mounted on his back, possibly firing standard projectiles or Cybertronian ammunition of some nature.
-His alt mod appears to be a cybertronian missile that crash lands then transforms to attack
-Other armaments belonging to Ravage are mounted to his chassis, one being a mace like tail and razor edged claws. Presumably due to his serrated appearance with multiple sharp, bladed edges, contact with him at all may cause some damage.

That looks complicated, especially because it can’t be hexed to any other NPCs

If there is a transformers 2 game for PC could anyone possibly extract the models from it, or I can get a few pictures of what ravage looks like so he can be modeled.
Someone could also use the headcrab shell model and crash sequence to resemble him crashing down then transforming, they could also use AR2 fire as heavy machine-gun fire and RPG missiles. And they could also use melee attacks similar to the antlions, and if you need any other Ideas I can come up with some more that may help.

If anyone can’t do that is there a less complicated transformer from the movies (two or one) someone can do?