'Ravage of the Blight'


Compare: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/129937

Around 60+ ragdolls in this pic.
It’s debatable if I should have used gaussian blur on the background to make it a lil less clustered, but I didn’t really want to lose any of the details as such.
I also could have added more motion blur in the pic on certain parts, but I think it’ll do.

Scenebuild pics:


awesome posing on mah map :v:


Other edit’s from some kind folk from left to right:

minilandstan, KabsIsBack, Newaxe and Hunterdnrc’s edits (thanks for those gents!)


thats goddamn awesome

Holy fucking shit.

Great God…


Damn this is nice

What the model on the pic?

and again for the following days, every new picture will look like shit compared to this

None as good as Urbanator.

Well. I think I’m done with G-mod now.

finally! another great pic from the awesome urbanator!
i think i fell in love with the orcish/goblin warrioirs.

Looks really good! Only critisim is you should’ve added some fog layers or slightly adjust the color to a colder color when going to the back row of the scene.

Because now it looks like a huge horde of everything blending together. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing but lots of details go missing and the image gets boring rather fast.

I half agree with that. I agree with the fog idea, although I did add a lil to the scene here and there, but not loads - I wasn’t really sure how much to do tbh.
But not sure if I like changing the colours on the background guys to something colder. They’re kinda close to what is developing into an inferno as the buildings burn,
so it wouldn’t have seemed right. Just my opinion anyway. I can understand though that it would certainly make it look less crowded.

Thanks for the comments all!

It is… beautiful

I don’t even need to say it to tell you that it’s fantastic.

This is my new background

I had to wear shades to keep my eyes from exploding.
It’s… So beautiful…

If i said "colder to the front "It would’ve made more sense probably. :slight_smile:

Aaaah yeah, that makes sense hah. :v:

This is magnificent!