Ravenholm BETA

Alright so I got of my lazy ass and started a gamemode.
Here’s some stuff I used,
JailBreak Rebels
Tactical Rebels
Citizen Zombie pack
SMOD Weapons
Mellee SWEPS(The ZP:S Ones)

I’m trying to look for a gamemode that’s easy to modify to replace these models, then weapons, AND Hopefully a Faction Creation Ability, If not there will be survivors and you will get whitelisted to other classes such as trader, sniper, and others. Trader will sell guns at a bar type area, sniper wont get out of his position and helps others, and maybe a zombie class if I feel ambitious. Updates Soon.
add me on STEAM: planetmuncher

You’re supposed to make your own stuff.

UPDATE: I’m modding cider. Just added the weapons now adding the codes for the shipments.Added the skins for other stuff too.

If you’re feeling so ambitious, make one from scratch. I can guarantee you there will be less problems and a better outcome in the end.

I concur.

Also, a few details would be nice.

A easy to edit gamemode is Gjail if you need it

I’m not quite sure that you understand what’s going on here. We’re trying to DISCOURAGE him from stealing content from other gamemodes.

That’s not stealing if it’s a released game and he credits the maker. Stealing would be literally taking a private gamemode without consent.

He should ask if he can use it not just go ahead and use it…

That’s true, IF he credits.

But I would go as far as to say that what he’s doing is wrong. Since he’s calling this a gamemode when it’s really a pack of RP-related content he’s piecing together. Right?


I’m giving most credit to kuromeku for cider, UPDATE: I have a beta for serverside download and a cleintside download. Ask for links or I might post some.


Look at kuros gamemodes! They are fucking peiced together also! It’s all one big gamemode he throws other peoples ragdolls and guns at and calls it a gamemode! I’m doing the same.

I was going to help you out,but when you said that,I sort of decided not to.

Using other pieced together gamemodes for examples.
Be unique,be special,code it from scratch and you will be loved.

Be the unique,not the copy.

I’m done.

Your idea sounds more like STALKER than it does Ravenholm