---RAVENWOOD--- Fresh environment*Friendly Community*Generous Admins*Tons of Oxide plugins*Events**

Welcome to Ravenwood!

Server IP:

We are a fresh server that is growing with a handful of friendly,active members already.
Plenty of space and all new members to the server will be treated with respect and won’t be killed every two seconds.
We host PVP events in Arena and other events which are very rewarding.
Our admins are active willing to help you when they can as well as very generous.

We are adding mods constantly and updating the server to bring more enjoyment to the game.

Oxide mods currently installed
–Economy, buy/sell and trade items.
–Skills and perks
–Group chat for tribes
–Base Alarm
–Chat History
–Door Share
And many more!

Join the family today.

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Dedicated mumble server as well, which will be given in game to players that stick with the server.