Raving Rabbid

Can somebody please get this raving Rabbid to be ported to gmod? Apparently, my friend just won’t stop bugging me about it. The obvious ref as shown before.

sigh Well, if you don’t the Rabbid model from one of the Raving Rabbids games, could you at least make one from scratch, and not make it ugly? Please?

From a previous thread someone said that they were to hard to do but hope someone makes one

Hard to rip and rig. But they can be made, i cant see why not, despite the model grabbing and rigging part.

Raving Rabbids is on PC? Cool.

Raving Rabbids the first one was on pc…right?

easy to ripped but hard to rig,they’re too small,i tried it before

sigh I should’ve known it was one of the most difficult characters to be ported to gmod. I might as well lose hope in that.

Don’t give up hope so easily. You might be surprised…

What do you mean, RTB?

Maybe someone will dedicate some time to doing it?

Here’s a hint:

Borrowed Apoc’s computer temporarily to take the picture, since mine still isn’t working right. (I should try plugging in the older graphics card I found, later on today, and see if that works any better.)



By the way, as a longtime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, I like how Leonardo poses like that.

So, yeah. That’s Leonardo’s model from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up. It took a while (because I could never emulate it on my computer), but I was finally able to verify that the game has the Wii’s common model format (MDL0), and therefore I can extract the Rabbid models from memory dumps, as I did with Leonardo’s. Then all I’d have to worry about are the face flexes. :smile:

I’m just hoping the Rabbid’s mouth would close when extracting it.

Also, I might be able to add physics to the Rabbid model though.

Yeah, the Rabbid’s mouth is shut on the model, by default. And I’ll be working on it (and the Ninja Turtle/Splinter Cell Rabbids) once my computer’s working again.

I could work on the physics if you want me to. Simply send me one and I’ll get to work on the physics.

Thanks for the offer to help, but I’ll work on it myself. Sorry if I sound a bit selfish.

It’s fine. When do you think it will be done?

RTB could you send me the model too? i just want to make a personal one. with clothes and that?
The reason is so i can make it from scratch?

I don’t have the model ready yet, so you’ll have to wait for a bit longer.