[RAW] BF4 & MoH WF models (A.K.A. Door opening simulators 2012-2014)


After extracting most BF4 stuff & MoH WF, i realized that there were enough crap for doing a separated threads for organize the files better.
Here´s some renders:

WARNING: BIIIIG IMAGES, you have been advised…

Formats: .max, 2010 .max, .fbx, .obj, .3ds (a few models only)
Extracting method: Chunks method (mixed with Ninja ripper & Intel GPA)
Textures: diffuse (_d), mask (_m), normal (_n), specular (_s), Composed (all diffuse, they are in the “Composed” folder)
Textures formats: .tga, .png (few maps)
Composing method: Photoshop (ye, spank me)
Notes: Generally all character models includes the camos pattern used for composing, however, i have upoaded all camos patterns (included weapon camos) in the “Stuff” folder.



ANY PROBLEM, ERROR, MISSING FILE, DETAIL, COMPOSING METHOD (not including 3ds max composing …), OR ANYITHING ELSE*** just let me know… kk?


do you plan on getting anymore MOHWF models?

also no dl links?

The DL are in the images (click them and they should take you into the mediafire folder for each game).
Also, i will continue with MoH WF stuff, there´s a lot of interesting models yet for extract.

ah, why did you make a new thread? you could have just released them in the dice thread

Posting links in a thread can easiliy be a mess, that´s what happened with the BF4 stuff. It was a little bit anoying looking in every post of the thread for old links on posts from before. I decided to create a new thread for write every important note and info from the models.

… This is not a “DICE Models v2” thread anyway, is just for organize my uploads and notes better.

Too epic.
Thanks for 'em. Gotta wait to have more soon. :v:

Thanks for the uploads, nice work. Are there any plans to release more MOHWF weapons in the future?

Thanks for your support, any request?

^Civilian Hannah and Military Gear Hannah from BF4 would be nice. Somebody already ripped the Hannah model from BF4, but she was never made into a model.

Yup, there will be more pew pew things.

since when you are me? dont talk for me

those ARE models, are you refering ported models into source? nobody ported her atm (i guess)…
Check out digitalero, maybe you will find something nice…

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i exactly dont know why nobody made a nude version of h… ah, that would be extremely… strange?

No bro I was asking you, do is there anything you want in as my appreciation for doing all this.

There´s no need of do anything in return… if those models are useful for you im fine with that :wink:

Any news on more warfighter weapons?

I didnt have time for even edit any models, with all the World Cup Hype here in Uruguay everybody go nutz so everybody wants to finish everything before the Cup begins, and so I did the same.

BTW: [sp]After the Match with England my nerves are so FUCKED UP, SHET[/sp]

Anyone able to get the Pak FA cockpit?

I extracted some unique models from Warfighter.


Parachute riped by my friend.


Anyway, I get this:

Preacher’s face, I have also model by ninja ripper well is just fucked. I riped this from first mission, when they rising up from the water.

nice skydiving rig!!

Well, im back in converting stuff again:

-Converted CHiners arms (finally, after checking my calculations, i made a really stupid mistake :confused: )
-Re-composed RUskies and Murikans arms (models are still the same, if you have it already rigged, dont worry, your project will not be f*cked up, this goes for you STRIFER)
-BF3 wepons converted (this may means that i will start extracting bf3 models too)

Ruskies arms are rigged, compatible with old/new CSS skins with bipped skeleton

Adrian, could you try extract Preacher’s head with chunks method?

Anyway, next shit from Warfighter:

Next models, everything is possible :slight_smile:



I’m trying get unique models and release dem.

Okay, here´s what i uploaded:



I will upload more MoH WF stuff when my internets gets fixed (right now is way too slow for upload all the characters…)

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i´ll see if i can get the Preacher head, singleplayer characters are more difficult of fix their heads