*RAW* Black Ops Weap/Character models with Anim

Here it is, Black Ops Weapons/Character models in Maya and OBJ format, also included a bunch of other models also, Zombie perk machines and guns.

This is different compared to my other Black Ops weapon pack, this comes with ALL weapons and animations for the weapons and has all MP character models with all the Zombies models too and animations for thoes also.

I included a plugin for MAYA (made by TOM-BMX) so you can use the TANIM files (animation files) with the models.

PACK: Weapons, fps hands, zombie stuff, all MP/ZOM character models (NO DLC), heads
BO1Weap&Char.rar (760.7 MB)


Oh its good to see you updated your old pack

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first props i ever ported where black ops stuff

they were shitty.

good job, il most likely port more Black ops stuff

Incredibly fast download. MAYA plugin a big plus. Thank you so much for all the effort and sharing this pack.

No problem :slight_smile:

Well star spangle my banner, I wish more people would do the same for other CoD games - do a big file dump like this, instead of stopping halfway in and starting on the newly released CoD game. Cheers to you sir.

Well, the reason I like doing these, is the reason you stated, people only do 5-10 models and they quit and I personally do not like that.

Next thing I am releasing later (in this thread, not making a new one), is all the Black Ops vehicals. I will make a separate pack with SP char models also, I know people want thoes models, expect that later also.

Also, I do hate to nitpick after all you’ve done, maybe include the specular texture maps in the next pack?

toms tools include the speculars in the alpha channels of the diffuse and normal map

What about the zombie animations?

ported the ballistic knife and the sog knife to



I ported all the walk animations and run animations I saw in the “animation” folder.

Sadly Treyarch did not include all the animations in the “animation” folder, we all have to wait till TOM-BMX releases his in-game animation extractor to get all the animations that Treyarch never included with the mod tools.

I will look tomorrow to see if I can find any zombie animations, but I searched for all zombie animations and extracted those.

can you please make a maya 2013 plug in update?

I personally know nothing about coding, TOM-BMX told me he cant, probably due to time. Maya 2013 api is totally different compared to MAYA 2012 and below, so he would have to recode the plugin from the ground up.

Is there any chance you would but this on media fire?

lol, im going on a rampage rigging those arms! I’ve gotten almost all Arms of the americans, I havnt even seen one of the terrorist ones… (I Have the game) I just don’t play it anymore.

I am trying to find good file hosts which wont delete your files. I am looking at Amazon Cloud drive at the moment.

Rip Please!

I will see what I can do later today.

it would be cool

Any chance you could get the DLC zombies weapons? Like the wunderwaffe.