*RAW* HALO 3 Model Pack/Texture Pack



Q:Where are the models at?
A: They can be located in many places, few places to look at is
1.Use the search function in windows to look through the folders quicker

2.If you do not know the name of the model, look in the “LEVELS” folder, if its a multiplayer map, go to “MUTI” (if its an SP map, go to the “SOLO” folder), then find the level name (chill,isolation etc etc), then there will be more folders probably. Bungie tends to hide some models in the sky folder, like for STANDOFF, the dishes are in the sky folder.

3.If no avail, go back the main directory and look in the “object” folder :stuck_out_tongue:

sp_mainmenu.rar 49.9 MB



-Armory (rat’s nest)
mp_armory.rar 245.0 MB

The Models Resource has quite a few Halo 3 models, but some of their textures are broken, so it’ll be nice to have a fresh new pack of Halo 3 models and hopefully have a better looking campaign and multiplayer Spartan model

I went through every map file and ripped all the tags I can, so these packs will have everything from the levels.

I am uploading the packs as we speak.

How soon can Standoff be done? That’s one I specifically have my eyes on.

Honestly, I have most of the maps uploaded already, I need to just update the main post with the links. I was going to do the rest of the DLC maps tomorrow, but right now I exported Standoff and im uploading it right now since you requested.

Sweet, thanks man. :slight_smile:

Hey man, awesome job on getting the models!

But just a tip for the future, ripping the models in .EMF format in Adjutant keeps the models material id’s (if the model has more than one texture) and saves a lot of time re-applying them manually. Although a plugin is needed to import them into 3ds MAX.

The plugin is generated in adjutant.

… Im sorry to ask, but where is “The Ark (Waste)” ? The link space appears to be blank. Is there any way you might be able to post a new link of that? I had really been hoping to get my hands on a few of those models in there. =/

Updated the main thread with a link, sorry about that.

Hey mate at work so can’t check these out just yet but do these packs actually include the map files in a readable format? If so that would be fantastic for level remakes.

When I get the time, I would love to re-do these packs with the bsp files. I would need to re-download Halo 3 to my usb though.

I really think if you could do that it would be an invaluable resource for map creation. Thanks for the packs though man they are fantastic.

Thats what I want these packs to be, helpful to people who want to create maps. I love the modding and mapping community and I would do anything to support it. Its just I have a 9 hr job and when I get home I have college work (which is all online) to do, so making packs is a low priority at the moment.

I do have Halo 3 sitting around here somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: I just need to turn on my Xbox and install the game to the USB :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an update from what I said earlier today.
I turned on my Xbox, installed the game to the USB, took the USB to my computer, used a Xbox 360 USB explorer to export the files to my computer, I just finished up using GOD2ISO to convert the files to an ISO, NEXT I need to extract the ISO to get the Halo files, after that I need to use Adjutant to decompile the Halo files to model/ bsp files AFTER that I need to package them up and upload them to MEGA.co.nz

That is the process to get Halo 3 model files to you folks. Fu*cking long azz process and i’m doing it again so I can get you map files cause the new version of Adjutant supports it (the one I used than, did not) LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE!

The new files will be uploaded over the next few weeks.

Can’t wait for the BSP files. Most of the on-line repositories that used to exist have gone AWOL. Making an animated machinima and need the BSP files for scenery, would it be possible to get just the raw BSP/map files? I have adjutant already.

It’s funny back when I was working with halo 3 files I used the hot swap method to get files from the disk it involved modifying a DVD drive and using a bunch of programs to literally stop a disk remove it from the drive and replace it with another without opening the drive etc worked for my purpose the halo 3 player models pack but it was a major pain in the arse. Either way access to he bsps models and textures would be simply amazing. I would love to try create a 1 to 1 remake of Valhalla for csgo for instance.

Hello, I do not know if this site has a sort of policy against re-starting a inactive thread, but if there is I will remove this comment. Anyways for this pack do you know if there are any models of the full map to use as a environment like a 3D Model of Valhalla for example.

  1. It’s not exactly a policy, but more-so of an unwritten rule. The general idea is to not post in a thread that’s 1+ months old since the last post unless it’s a content update (such as providing another download link for others or providing more content that wasn’t in the original download for something). It’s usually a wise idea to check the date of the last post before bumping dead threads, and it’s also usually a good idea to send a PM to the OP if the thread is 1+ months old since the last post was made.

  2. It would probably be easier to get your answer by downloading one (or more) of the available archives and taking a look yourself.