(Raw) Marvel Heroes Characters + Costumes


Now I can finish porting all the Iron Man suits. Thank you so much for getting all these textures and models ripped!

Someone really needs to port Loki, I mean, His model is HD!

Awesome! These could really come in handy!

That trench coat guy (Punisher?) could actually make a really good generic assassin model or something, if someone were to plant a citizen head on him.



Awesome! Keep up the good work. Btw can you tell us how you got the textures?


Thank you :smiley: Could I convert some of your models to Xnalara? :eng101:


Thanks for your hard work. Do you buy the costumes and rip them yourself?


I’d like to thank you for the hard work as well - I’ve been looking for these more or less since the game was announced.

There are a couple of things, primarily with Storms packages:

It seems that Storms Goddess of Thunder zip contains a mix of the Asgard model and the African Goddess textures…

Her modern costume doesnt seem to have the right textures for the cape.

Her Mohawk costume lacks the hair-texture.

Not complaining, I just figured you’d wanna know.


No rush.

One of the problems would be solved by replacing the Asgard model with the african goddess one - no need to rip any new textures for a new working costume…

Once again: thank you for your hard work - looking forwards to your progress

Can’t get Daredevil’s textures on right in 3DS Max :frowning:

because of his UV map, I can’t seem to get his logo on his chest without a giant blank square around it.


Thanks again and have a nice Xmas

I don’t think it’s that. It’s the material ID on Daredevil. It’s a giant square, and not just a DD. At least for me. The body texture isn’t mapped to the giant square.