RAW models (Preferably .3ds/.obj/Noesis readable format) of RE4 Jack Krauser

As the title implied, I just need the RAW of RE4 Jack Krauser. (NOT the newer Jack Krauser model from the newer game, Darkside Chronicles [REDC])

I’d love to rig, retex or even port it where people most likely would love to. (Gmod. etc. etc.)

(Reason why RE4? Well, I love older stuff! More recognizable and popular.)

Anyway, back to the topic.

The Jack Krauser model would be

  • normal Krauser with berret
  • normal Krauser without berret
  • normal Krauser with berret shirtless
  • normal Krauser without berret shirtless
  • normal Krauser with berret shirtless strapless (strapless means he doesn’t have the belt across his chest)
  • normal Krauser without berret shirtless strapless (same as above)
  • transformed Krauser normal arm
  • transformed Krauser abnormal arm
  • his model from mini-game Mercenaries

Overall, I’d love to have the raw models from ALL of his transformations.

Anyone? Thanks for reviewing this.

P.S: Already ported? Tell me where that is, and I assume that ALL of the Krauser’s are there as well.

The XNALara community has produced plenty of RE4 Krauser models. XNALara converts to obj format.

Where would that be?

Hmm… Honestly, this is rather disappointing. Because it just mostly normal Jack Krauser models. (I have plenty of these actually) There’s no transformed and shirtless Krauser. (In which I don’t have yet in my collection) But yeah, thanks by the way for the info and link.

If you have RE4, you can use the modding tools to get him out rigged in .smd. Noesis will open that. I think I still have the tools backed up.


Thanks for this tool!
By the way, I played RE4 on PS2 before, so I guess I don’t have the PC version. (I can’t download torrents, since my internet service blocked that kind of download for some reasons.)

I bought the PC version super cheap from Amazon.

Quite dry right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


http://facepunch.com/threads/1173095?highlight= I’m surprised no one linked you to this, I released all the RE models in OBJ some time ago.