Raw models to Gmod

Hey um i was just wondering if you get raw models do you just put them in the addons category and access them via browser or is there a program you have to install first

  1. What is a “raw model”?

  2. What do you mean by “browser”? Do you mean the prop selection menu in gmod?

The model needs to be in a source-compatible format (*.mdl, plus associated files):


It needs to go either into a subfolder of “models”, or directly into “models”.

The models folder can be a subfolder of a gamemode, or it can be the one directly inside the GarrysMod/garrysmod folder.


i meant models like that do i just do what you said

Firstly, make sure you have the legal right to modify / use the 3d models for this and that they aren’t just ripped straight from another game and dumped on megaupload or something.

After that:

  1. Install a 3D Modelling program (I use Blender - it’s free and it works fine, but you can buy 3DS Max or Maya also. These cost about $5000 US to buy a perpetual license (which they won’t keep offering for long because business) or hundreds of dollars per month to rent a license to use).

  2. Learn how to use the software you have. There is no shortcut here, make sure you know how to import models.

  3. Import the files you have got.

  4. Make sure any textures are showing up correctly. If they do not, learn how to do “UV Mapping” for the 3D-Modelling program that you have, and then do that so that the texture appears correctly.

  5. Export the files in either SMD or DMX format (for source)

  6. Follow a tutorial to learn how to compile an SMD or DMX model into the set of files that are shown above. The tool to compile them is included with the Source SDK 2013 and is called “studiomdl”. It is a command line program that accepts a set of instructions called a QC file, reads those instructions and produces the bunch of output files that I mentioned in my last post. You tell it where to find the SMD files it needs, and it gives you the MDL files, etc.

  7. Put those output files in the right place and launch the game.

Or you could use PAC. If it’s just to display the model temporarily.