"Rawr what is this" Hunter doesnt know whats happening(Rain Test)

Tried to improve my rain and stuff.
C&C please.


The rain edit looks all right, but the picture looks a little fuzzy.


Rain looks nice, though it looks a bit off on his shoulder.

Do you mean the rain drops?

The splashes kinda look like small water drops, they need to be a little more wide.

The rest is awesome.

Thank you Santz.
And sorry guys for generic shit pose again but I wanted to practise on my rain.

Your generic is good, your work on the shadows is always nice :stuck_out_tongue: way better than mine tbh.

Thank you Santz :3:
Always nice to read from you.
By the way picture is updated because I forgot to add a last lighting layer.

Rain is coming along I think. For the rest, well it is a practice pic anyway. Keep at it. We want epic rain. Rain that spells flood, misery and a lot of floating stuff.

Thanks Rastifan :smile:
Ill do some more rain in the future.

Cute ::3:

te pic sux

It doesn’t suck, it’s a rain test and it’s damn good. And if you want to be taken at all seriously type like you have at least half a brain.