Rayman Bunnies?

I can’t find those bunny models, even on gmod.org. So I ask if someone has found models to download.

you should ask randomtbush, rtb, to pm him if will have you need it

The Raving Rabbids, they were mentioneted that they have many…something and can´t be ripped

Some guy called RTB was apparently working on them. The post was from 2 weeks ago however, so I don’t know if he’s made progress.

I talk to him on one of the threads I’m subscribed to I’ll pm and see what he says.

I’m working on it. I’ll release them to the public after fixing up the model a bit, mainly the fingerposing (instead of having them ragdolled like they are right now).

Thanks alot.
Send me a link when the work is finished.

You mean the fingers or the model itself?