RaZ Combat Build|PHX|Wire

RaZ Servers has an RP server, and now a combat build server!
We are looking for admins, so come fast!
We use these maps:
Get those maps now!

Addons we use:
PHX SVN (your version does not have to be svn, but svn has more props)
WireMod SVN
Connas Stools
We have all the Stools
SpaceBuild Models Pack
CSS Realistic Weapons
Advanced Teleporter Tool
Advanced Duplicator

We allow noclip to respected players. To become respected, you must apply on our forums. You will most likely be approved. The only requirement is that you have been on our server before and seen by admins. The admins will approve that you have followed the rules and will promote you to respected.

IP Address: (The server runs 24/7 and is restarted daily)

Our Website:

We need admins! Go to server and ask MONSTER ENERGY or add me on steam: zackmark96

Thanks for looking!
We look forward to seeing you on the server!

We have enough admins. You can’t own a server AND have fun with everyone being an admin. Oh, Noclip needs to be enabled for guests, too. Otherwise, it drives them away from build servers.

It’s easy to become respected. I don’t want idiots no clipping into other people’s bases and props. Its easy to become respected again.

Install the noclip prevention tool?

I’m not going to join a server, wait for a 13 year old admin to decide I’m “respectable” then post on some random forums. In that time I could’ve gone to another server.

My build server attitude is “if it’s available in Gmod as default, you can use it”. The only things I have restricted is prop limits (those are default too I think).

Dude, everyone on face punch are assholes. You don’t have to put people down like that. Keep your opinion to yourself, its just an advertisement. Who wants people who break rules on their server? I don’t so I restrict anti no clip to respected, along with a few other addons.
You idiots at face punch keep your opinions to yourself, all you all have to say is negative comments.


By the way, I have the no clip prevention tool. I set it to respected, because people can spawn block using it. Think about it.

At least install fucking Uclip or some shit.

Can do, I will do asap.