RaZ Roleplay 24/7


Hello. We are RaZ Roleplay. We use DarkRP SVN, so if your a hater, don’t even post.

We have these awesome addons (Not random, all admins decide to add or not):
CS:S Realistic Weapons and Shipments,
** Weather Mod v6 ** (Cloudy, sunny, rain, snow, wind, etc. :D)
Custom made Jobs (Including 6 Admin Jobs)
Wizey!'s Experience Mod,
Wizey!'s Screen Blood addon,
Durgzmod 2.2 with Drug dealer…
Ulysses Admin Mod (ULX SVN) :smiley:
and much more!

Server Info:
Main Map Used: rp_oviscity_gmc4
Link for map: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=56669
Website/Forums: www.razroleplay.co.nr

Owners: Cake (Me), MONSTER ENERGY (Zack)

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/RaZRoleplay

Please join and enjoy you guys.
If you join, make sure you sign up for the forums.

Admin and Respected is now free!
Yay. Now don’t spam me, lol.
I made it free because I dont need money off of a** Dedicated server**.

ULX Groups:

  1. User <just ulx who :)>
  2. Friends (of mine)
  3. Respected <Noclip, Votekick>
  4. Pre-Admin <HP, Noclip, Kick>
  5. Moderator <Kick, Ban, HP, Noclip, Adv Dupe>
  6. Admin
  7. Super-Admin
  8. Co-Owner <!RCON, command execute, etc.>
  9. Owner

Slots that are being used, Message me on steam (Rick132500) if you want it:
Respected <6/10>
Moderator <0/3>
Pre-Admin <


Admin <2/5>
Super-Admin <0/2>

If you want one of those available slots, PM me on Steam or Here. Yay.

 (NOTICE: Super-Admin is EARNABLE ONLY! Please don't ask. That's all I'm asking please.) 

If you have any ideas for groups, please PM or post it down below ASAP!

Criticism is kinda allowed, but please:

 DO NOT SAY IT SUCKS BECAUSE ITS DARKRP! I do not like those other RPs. They just get too boring... :( 

This server is actually doing quite well. Visit our YouTube channel for more info. I just posted our advert this weekend.
We just got a couple new addons thanks to Wizey!
Thanks for the addons, they are working great! :3:

32 jobs, jesus christ.

Even tough all your posts are about how much you hate darkrp i have to agree

Why the fuck do you need 32 jobs? And why the fuck did you encourage furries? Seriously, this server is going to have so much stupid custom shit to download it just won’t be worth joining.

Because I’m not a fucking douchebag that hates on them.
It’s fine with me, not fine with you? Get out of this thread.

I don’t mind furries that don’t go around shouting it out, having that job allows them to do so, therefore, bad server.

Deal with it, if you don’t like criticism on a certain aspect, running a server is not for you.

It’s just a pet job. let it go. what the fuck is wrong with you?
My friend and me came up with the idea, plus 1 player is the maximum pets allowed on the server


Don’t bump worthless DarkRP Server ads. Not worth it

Don’t be a fag. You’re not worth it.

Thank you. He has been criticizing my server for a while now. :confused:


Well, It seems my server (laptop) was infected with the Vundo virus. :huh:
I got rid of it and it WAS a botnet.

This is my impressions without actually going on the server.

Pro’s Weathermod (no idea what it is but it sounds cool), not downtown (im getting bored of that map), screenblod (cool addon), and you dont need to donate to become admin (all servers where you donate to become admin have shitty admins).
Cons Experience mod (doesnt fit to gmod roleplay), css realistic weapons (i prefer madcows), six admin jobs? (admin jobs arent good) also the fact that you dont have bleeding out (very awesome addon).

I’m adding Mad Cows when v4 comes out. ^^
Also, The server hasnt been up for a while, It had the Vundo virus and it was a botnet so yeah. ._.
The files are still there though. :3:

Im not sure that v4 will ever come out, worshipper is at college or something, and doesnt have time to work on it.

Well, I’ll add v3 later then. Add me on steam if you wanna see it tommorrow. ;3
Rick132500. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t break the rules. Not worth it. Ha.

Eh why not.

Youre Arctix right?

Yesh. ^^ I’m actually in bed so I’ll talk to you later. :saddowns:


Oh, and I removed the stupid XP mod. It got really annoying jumping 10 feet in the air. :sigh:


Oh, and I removed the stupid XP mod. It got really annoying jumping 10 feet in the air. :sigh:

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^ :wtc:

Also, good you removed the xp thing, it kind of encourage’s deathmatching, since you get superpowers for killing people

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DarkRP lol

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