Razborka! - Like playing Dota 2, but you're the one screaming "CYKA!"


Welcome to Razborka!
This is a gamemode that is not meant to be taken seriously and is therefore meant for a goofy gameplay experience.
Nevertheless, the weapons were designed for a competitive style, namely in the vein of Counter-Strike.
The weapons do have ironsights, but their role is very minimal and therefore they’re optional (and there are going to be situations where firing from the hip will save your life whereas ironsights won’t) - it only provides a 15% recoil decrease, a slight zoom, a 50% decrease in spread when moving, and a slight decrease in movement speed.

So, without further ado, here are the features:
- 5 Game types! (Bandit War, Bandit Shootout, Steal the Vodka, Drunken Superiority and Death to the Vodka Thief!)
- 6 Primary firearms (including a guitar!) to choose from, with their own advantages and disadvantages, providing a unique gameplay experience!
- NO player classes! The primary weapon you select determines your ‘class’! (aka weaknesses and strengths)
- A very light-weight weapon base that has dynamic accuracy, ironsights, custom viewmodel movement, damage-over-distance scaling as well as surface penetration and ricochet!
- A simple map and gametype voting system!
- Dangerous amount of russian in one package!
- Pain and death sounds from STALKER featuring Bandits!
- A talk menu with sounds from STALKER’s Bandits as well as a unique CHEEKI BREEKI option which every Bandit adores and loves!
- Random profanity screams from STALKER’s Bandits as you attack your enemies!
- Plenty of Bandit sounds to ensure hilarity and “replayability” (read: to make your laugh your ass off in case you’re russian) value!
- Vodka and Sausage are your healing items!
- Only 1 custom map so far :frowning:

And now a bit more about the game types:
Bandit War:
* Has 2 opposing teams
* Consists of 4 stages and a Rematch stage in case both teams win 2 stages
* First team to reach the specified amount of kills wins the stage
* The stages are: Fist-fight, Knife-fight, Fire-fight and WAR!
* During the WAR! stage players can use ANY primary weapon and during the Fire-fight stage all players are given a Makarov pistol
* Amount of Vodka and Sausage on spawn is gradually increased as the stages advance

**Bandit Shootout:**
	* Imagine Bandit War, but with 100 required kills, all weapons allowed, only the WAR! stage and no Rematch stage
**Steal the Vodka:**	
	* Has 2 opposing teams
	* All weapons are allowed in this game type
	* The Attacking team has to steal all enemy vodka within the time limit
	* The Defending team has to protect their vodka until time runs out
	* If the Attackers stole vodka from the enemy team, the Defenders can steal it back
	* Everyone starts out with 20% Vodka and 30% Sausage
**Drunken Superiority:**
	* Free-for-all
	* Fists only
	* First player to reach a certain amount of kills in fist-fights wins the round
**Death to the Vodka Thief:**
	* One player is picked out as the Vodka Thief, others are Drunken Seekers
	* The Vodka Thief has to hide and stay alive until time runs out
	* The Drunken Seekers have to find the Vodka Thief and kill him, unfortunately every Seeker is drunk throughout the entire round
	* The Vodka Thief can only use his fists for self-defence, the Drunken Seekers have the entire arsenal at their disposal
	* The Vodka Thief starts out with 100% Vodka

RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM PLAYER COUNT: 20 (but if you want, go ahead and host with a larger player count, it should work fine)

Console commands and variables:
razborka_gametype (server-side) - selects the game type to start with or change to once the round limit was reached. Available game type names: banditwar, banditshootout, deathtothevodkathief, stealthevodka, drunkensuperiority. If you set the variable to “any”, then when the round limit gets reached, it will initiate a gametype vote.

Required content FOR CLIENTS:

The gamemode already has this content.
Players will download it automatically, but if they don’t, link them to it and tell them to download it.

Supported maps so far: cs_militia, de_inferno, cs_office, de_cbble, de_nuke, de_piranesi, de_train, de_tides, cs_compound

Gameplay videos (sorted from newest to oldest):


tayley - BM-16 animations, Guitar animations
GSC Game World - STALKER sounds
Croteam - ‘Hero’ track heard in the Rematch stage of Bandit War
Danny - Guitar idea
Rus_Ivan, M4tlock, Thanez, Maligant, Agent17, Millenia, Niea, Anders, vagrant - Mosin Nagant model/animations/textures/sounds
FA:S 2.0 - Mosin Nagant firing sound
OLAF - ported AKS-74U model and animations from STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
modderfreak - ported AK-74 model from STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
modderfreak, Sick420 - ported VSS model from STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
NanoCat - optimization tips
Newb™ - “why am not in the credits, what is this”

For mappers:
Team Gopnik/Attackers use info_player_terrorist for their spawn points
Team Bandit/Defenders use info_player_counterterrorist for their spawn points
In Drunken Superiority all players use info_player_terrorist, info_player_counterterrorist and info_player_start
In Death to the Vodka Thief all players use info_player_counterterrorist
resupply_cabinet_team1 is the entity that Team Gopnik and Attackers use
resupply_cabinet_team2 is the entity that Team Bandit and Defenders use
vodka_bar is the entity that is placed all around the map on rz_bar
vodka_crate is the entity that Attackers have to steal vodka from
vodka_secure_crate is the entity that Attackers have to carry the vodka to

Download page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=214210019


Wow i’ve been given a credit :o

Fucking. Incredible. I’m gonna have to try this.

I’ve put a server up if you want to play.

20 slots, hosted in LA, running on Debian 7.


HOLY FUCK! It released! Yay. And remember,no english!CYKA /7uDOP MAMKY EBA/\

Just a heads-up to server owners, I released a small update which upped the respawn time from 2 to 7 seconds.

It was at 2 seconds for playtest purposes, sorry about that.


Seriously, Playtesting this was a lot of fun. I really can’t wait for servers to start popping up.

Can I force switch gametype? Bandit Shootout would take too long with one other person, who is afk.

it’s like I’m on workshop again
Not yet, I’m working on adding that though.

Great work on a gamemode, looks fun.

There are some bandit player models available somewhere “both types”, those should definitely be added.

Also I am suddenly tempted to map the cordon car park.

10/10 would cheeki breeki again.

The spawns on rb_bar should be changed up a bit, I keep spawning in enemy players.

I got Chicago:

Found an Aussie server for Razborka…, 32 slots, join bitch

I’ll ask Newb to place more spawnpoints.

I think a better solution would be to do that AND put them a player’s height in the air.

Зачем нужно жрать капусту если есть картошка?

Switch to english.
And what do you mean by that?