Razer Hydra support for Garry's mod?

It looks neat, but I wouldn’t be able to justify buying it just for some gimmicky Portal 2 levels… But if Garry’s mod had 3-D space support for it, that would be tempting.

Garry is already looking into the code , I think

Yeah, it could be cool

I don’t think its actually worth it, I’m sure that not even 0.2% of all gmod players have or ever will have this “controller”.

It’s still nice to have support for them.

Also it’s nice to say, “We also have support for the Razor Hydra”, so who knows.

Mind if I ask what this is? The link wont work for me.

It’s a motion controller.

It looks cool tbh, but pointless and expensive.

Garry is working on Kinect support right now, he has already implemented Novint Falcon, so I can see support for the hydra coming up.