Razor's Edge Gaming [ New TTT ]

Looking to join a new and fun TTT server? Well join the new community called Razor’s Edge Gaming and we have a TTT!

Like I said, we are a completely new community that are hoping to spread. There are 3 owners, two of them are coders. We will soon be adding a lot more custom stuff that is not in already, hopefully. The admins that we have now are nice, smart, and helpful.

Trouble in Terrorist Town. A gamemode of terrorists with a minor problem; a few of the terrorists are traitors! They are trying to kill you all. using given weapons and items you must fight back! Detectives, buy special weapons such as teleporters, health stations, UMPs, etc. to fend off these bastards! Don’t forget to use the given DNA Scanner to get DNA off victims and trace down the killer! Traitors, buy special weapons like 2-Hit knives, Flare Guns, Body Armor, etc. to secretly and stealthily kill the Innocent terrorists. Innocents, kill or call out traitors to prove your innocence and receive prizes from the Detectives like a health station to fill your health. Pick up dropped DNA Scanners, identify bodies, and overall, resolve the mystery of the Traitors!

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Add more detail and some picture .