RC player?

I don’t know if that’s possible, but would be cool if we had an entity that could not only remote control a bot, but let him choose tool installed. Bot would obey all restrictions normal players have, like prop protection, but other that that you could connect this entity to a wire contraption and make the bot choose any tool, and choose any settings for this tool.

Otherwise, just a Tool Turret that lets you specify absolutely every setting available to a normal player through Q or C menu.

That would be really complicated to code. I think a bot that acts like as player would be extremely hard to code, seeing as there are too many tools, weapons and props.
And making the bot build a working contraption or building is as hard as stamping on a chicken’s egg without breaking it. While juggling.

I think someone could get the bot_ codes into garry’s mod though.

I’m not asking for any kind of AI - just a wire bot controller. Or a stool controller. I suppose it’s possible for entity to use memory cells like wire memory chips, output a list of settings, and adjust the settings of an arbitrary stool based on how the contraption controls those cells.

To get a list of settings, the entity would look at what sliders/tickboxes/selections the stool’s scripts add to the menu, or somesuch.

Can you not just type bot in console to spawn one sand in a small body sized room welded to the floor type bot_mimic in console and put a npc camera on him.

But then I will have to control him in person. My point is that once such a controller is made, it can be wired to an Expression2 or something that controls him. So that wiremod users can set up their own logic, to use any tool.

It does not matter if it’s a bot or a very elaborate tool turret. Actually a stool turret would be easier to make.