rCon cmd extractor on linux (go-lang)


Who have linux server and can access to server console can use this software to extract rcon commands via linux.

For basis was taken an example from steam wiki for Go-LANG.

Author - my friend. Free for non-comercial use.

“bin” software: http://yadi.sk/d/8l-W5iIEGPf9u (compiled for X86_64)
Sources(go-lang): http://pastebin.com/Rnqvw9HM

setsid bash -c ‘while :; do ./rcon -pass “Your rCon password” -cmd "CMD(status\banlist\etc) -server “You Server IP” -port “Server Query Port” > /var/www/rust/online; sleep 2; done’&>/dev/null &

My testing pages:
Online Players: http://diworm.ru/?page_id=180
Banlist: http://diworm.ru/?page_id=84

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