Rcon Command Resulting in Ban

I was on a server that I was admin on, and I was putting a command in console “rcon add_bot01” and then I was immediately kicked and banned. Not by another admin because I was the only one on. A message appeared saying “added to banned list”, and the server is no longer showing up on my server list. Help would be greatly appreciated! I tried to get myself unbanned by another admin, but with no success.

I remember you, you were immature and abusive with your admin privileges, that may be why, too.
If not, maybe you missed the owner specifying not to use the RCON?
Try to contact him.

I said no one was on. I wasn’t banned by an admin and the Owner unbanned me, but it changed nothing

Ask the server owner to run the removeip command with your IP address.

This is done by incorrect rcon password attempts.

Bit weird on 1 command, but I’ve done it to myself in the past when using binds incorrectly.