RCON command to get chat messages

Hi, I’m working on something to let me run RCON commands to my Gmod server from my website, and I wanted to know if there’s an RCON command or something I could use to get a server’s chat? I can already run commands now I just want a way to be able to see what has been said and who it was said by in chat.

You could use PlayerSay hook on your server to send the chat messages to your database via GET HTTP requests or something.

I did have that in mind but I would think sending an HTTP request every time a player says something would slow things down.

You can check this out. http://sourcechatjs.com/ “SourceChatJS uses the S2A_LOGSTRING2 to receive the server’s log.”

Registration seems to be down.

depending on your ability you could create your own implementation of it if you want a learning experience:



there are a few libraries out for server queries and such so might be able to cobble something together, though i dont think any of them will read that packet specifically, but they could be used as a reference to create your own method with the info above. i made a php server browser for a game a while ago and it was quite challenging having never done that kind of thing before but it was a pretty neat chance for learning.