RCON Exploit Still Possible?

I disagree


Why am i there? Just wondering why of all people on steam you pick me?

I was wondering why you removed me. ^^
Didn’t realize it was because you decided to tell everyone.

rip in pieces

Now you’re just name dropping like a retard.

Yeah, those are random people on my friends list. I’m not sure why he’s even involving himself in this, I bought the RCON exploit from Willox and now he doesn’t want to get into trouble I think.

That makes it your word against mine.

Well, as you’ve shown, your word isn’t very reliable.

By telling people that you have access to NFO’s clients’ files? You shouldn’t have told me in the first place.

RIP when are you guys going to stop caring about Gmod, it’s laughable how much you care.

You’re the one who told me how to do it, I was merely testing. It’s obvious now that you wanted me to do it, just so you could cause a scene. Slightly pathetic.

Who are you?

+1 from watching from the side lines it seems williox wants to be the center of it all the one in the spot light, your props smarter than me but really man its again laughable at how you want people to give 2 fucks about you, for example your “cought worm”, lmao you even said to me look what i did, waving your Ecock around. Can no one else see a pattern here? Willox will do anything to get attention, maybe he does not get any irl? who knows and who cares i just have to put my input because its sad and pathetic how you act like a kid having a tantrum “HEY LOOK AT ME, EYES ON ME”, grow up get a grip.

wow are you serious

i like watching where this is going

Ofc hes not as i said he wants to be the one in the spot light, lmao such a child.

Keeping RCON enabled doesn’t make you vulnerable.
Setting it in moronic places like config files and having constantly exploitable cvars enabled does.

If you want it enabled then you should do it properly, I’ve now known of any exploit that can read RCON when it was set via the console at launch.

i like how people take gmod so seriously, makes me laugh c:

So that makes you a Skid… And him, pathetic…

This is funny either way

i like this thread