RCON Exploit Still Possible?

I’m under the assumpion qqqqq is Sadistic ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198084530539 ).

Here is my original chatlog with him.

i like this thread aswell

man those where top secret chats :frowning:

At it again lmao, Willox when will you get a grip and grow up, and see no one really cares. Dropping names and Chat logs… low.

“I can keep a secret”

I’m sorry for revealing the naughty actions of your friend.

willox goes hard, big drops ahead

I’ts fine, i just think its sad and pathetic of you, someone else made something and got attention but Mr Willox could not have that now could he? someone else in the spot light? Your like a 10 year old girl having a attention seeking phase.

You act like it matters…

shots fired

I’m against him (and the other 3 steam accounts I have linked to) attempting to sell “217” servers’ rcon passwords from - I assume - servers hosted by NFO.
The only evidence of that is from steam alias history, which you’re sure to have blitzed out of existence.

I’m not sure why you care so much, its a shitty game nobody should cares about and ran by dumb server owners. I’m not picking any side because its all autistic

willox you don’t help your self you claim to be some white knight… i mean really man you need to look yourself in the mirror and think. can you only get peoples attention online or something? its sad. i don’t see why you don’t just drop it and stop making threads and posts.

exactly what im thinking

Wow, Willox. Telling all of my secrets. Might as well let the whole world know about our relationship.

willox is gay confirmed???

i already knew this for months

couldve told me

i just changed my name so sadistic will love me ok ;_; i just wanted some love, they’re alot of things that sadistic has given me but none of those things are love

rip thread