Rcon hack

ok rly what the fuck


this was getting spammed at the rate of 10 times per second 0_o for about 15 min, then sudely the it stops, server turns off…?

(** and yes i use luapad on my server XD **)

Cool, you got haxed.

noshit surlock

Looks like someone spammed random codes in your Rcon, finally found your rcon pass, and then ran “exit” on it.

Try something like
rcon_password “hit random letters on your keyboard for 5 mins
Should look like this:

rcon_password "ASUDHASUDHAUSdhasuidfhaioufya908e7ryrujfåä-sew34it6wn ätf79(O&/DTOAS(d7l wefv ASRd97afsdoiashdlkasnfmw.öm,lt e5nl6yk5rn h<g790<yd80f7SP D)/ASYd9p syp sudhasopuid ASJPOduih srf789y ef87h psodufj sdoåfipsdjkgoi fgjD/GtfAS&/ Drt5as56dr .. "

Except 3 times as long.

Hmm, probaly a RCON guessing addon would have helped. Like if you tried more than 3 times without success. Then you cant try again before maybe… 30 mins? Or a hour?

yeh, but what i dont understand is that garry dint just blocked rcons from banned guys so that the rcon_password dont even wil get passed

trugh i dont want to change my pass is something like this:
since it wil be a pain in the ass to each time type it in :frowning:

Its apart of the source engine.
Dont blame him.

It’s not a hacking attempt, it’s an attempt to crash the server. It normally works.

RCON hacking is for awesome people only :stuck_out_tongue:

[sp]Not really. The only way in is guessing[/sp]

he can change everything the engine offers.
(aready checked out the sourcemod thingy creating)

Im not quite sure to be honesty.

You could hack it pretty easilly if you already had access to the server, but that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to realise.
I see some places that they can be vulnarable (THIS ISNT correct im just too lazy to correct it)
But how the fuck should it be safe then?
I heard SV_cheats 1 could help with a possibility for hackers

Garry fixed the ent_Create way of changing the rcon password.

Copy/paste? :V
If you have ASSmod, there’s a rcon plugin. I also made one for my admin mod. To get my admin mod, see here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

Can be done, just requires the password to have been entered already etc etc.

Won’t go into details, not going to give anyone any ideas. Otherwise, this is why I have Rcon turned off, or if I have to use it, I use 64 bit passwords.

Is that a VPS Virtual private server ?

or Dedi server

its a dedi ful running, 6 player max and about 99% ful :frowning:

What is your steam we can talk

Looks like your running win2k in virtual machine to me with vista in the background :confused:

snip the above its TeamViewer

This is called extreme paranoia.