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How do you use the rcon in the experimental. In legacy it worked fine, using it in Experimental doesn’t have any effect at all.

You can’t rcon.login in the new Rust. You will have to use an external program like Rusty. If you are added as admin or mod, you can also just issue rcon commands in the game console upon joining.

In Experimental, Rusty can only join the server if it is used on the same system as the rust server.
Seems Rust wont accept any incoming connection other than , which is localhost.
Since there are no cfg files that work, you cant add anyone with moderator access, only if you have direct access to the servers console.
Pluton makes mods for the Experimental, but from what I have read, they closed access to the GIT repository because it needs the Linux version server files to be able to auto-compile, so thats not helpful either…

Try ‘rcon.ip externalip’ in the console. I can rcon using Rusty just fine to my server hosted by a GSP…

See the 3 rcon.* commands in the screenshot @ http://www.rustafied.com/useful-rust-experimental-console-commands/

As for adding admins and mods, see my post on http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1430517&p=46218259#post46218259

Thanks for that, adding the admins worked fine, but making Rusty work is another story.
Using Rusty for Legacy worked fine using local LAN IP (on Legacy Version), but Rusty Experimental doesnt work for me using the same method :frowning: (using on the Experimental Rust)

Adding it to the command line worked, before starting the server. Adding it directly in the console didnt… weird

I’ve tried running ‘rcon.ip externalip’ and still my server won’t allow connections remotely.

Try putting it in the command line, it’s not (always) working from console.
‘+rcon.ip ip.ad.dr.ess’