Rcon iPhone App

I reallllyyyyy want this app :smiley:
An rCon app that gives me console and chat.

This is different then This thread

Thanks soooo much!

PS: The app total control does not work with GMod

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - mahalis))

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - mahalis))

sadly i dont do IPhone programming myself (sadly enough i don’t have a iPod touch / iPhone)

But if any1 wants to do it i make it you easy

slap a gui on this http://www.asyserver.com/~cstrike/rcon.c

This isn’t really LUA, is it? Wouldn’t this go better in “Hardware and Software”? I’m not sure what coding iPod/iPhone apps run off of, but I don’t think it’s LUA.

Yea. I just threw it in here :confused:

Sorry for wrong section. Can we keep discussing this? Or get it moved?

Ok can we move this? I realllyy need this app