RCON login kicks me, friend who owns the server doesn't have access to commands.

Basically the problem is in the title. Is there anyway to fix this?

If rcon is kicking you, then you are using the wrong password to login.

Well it was the same pass as last time. Can there be multiple admins that can have the power to give themselves items?

Unless you have Oxide installed to specify what power admins have, all admins would log into the console using rcon.login with the same password.

My friend is using Rust++

It shouldn’t matter what mod is on the server, if you use the console and type “rcon.login (password)” you will be able to do everything that Rust allows you to.

You must be typing the wrong password in.

Well, I am typing the same password as last time and it just kicks me. My friend is saying only one person can be master admin

There is a Rcon password that is set in TCAdmin by whoever owns the server. Your friend either changed the password or you are not typing the command or password properly. It sounds like your friend installed Rust++ which allows him to set other people as admins and limit them to specific abilities. Such as teleport, spawning items, etc… He doesn’t trust you, so he is limiting your admin powers :slight_smile: Check this link to see more about Rust++ and the admin commands. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1342369

Well he added some things, but he def. trusts me. We plan on building a town/military base and several other things to make the server interesting.

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Alright, that makes sense. He added a few flags so far, so I’ll just tell him he needs to do that to let me give things