Rcon password correct but still kicked from my own server

Hey, so I’m having a really hard time getting my server up and running. Currently I can’t login into my Rcon cause it says Facepuch kicked when it’s 100% the right password, this started happening after I re installed my server as I read on an Oxide forumn that it could help with my Oxide mods not working. I’ve emailed NN letting them know a few hours ago and still waiting on a reply of what is the problem so I was wondering if anybody can help me with my problem from experience themselves or just knowing. I’ve never rented a server before so it’s all a bit new to me so I apologize in advance for any noob questions and appreciate anybody’s replies, thanks :slight_smile:

Talk to your GSP about resetting the password. You’re probably typing it wrong without realizing. If you use Multiplay, you can just reset your password in Clanforge, then copy / paste it into Rust. That will tell you INSTANTLY if you’re typoing it.

Jadel, if you’re running the Oxide/Oxmin mod, ensure the password is specified in there as well as your server cfg file.

Also if you have the following command: truth.enforce true in your cfg files. If the above doesn’t work, remove this one and retest.

I use Nitrous Networks, sorry that’s what I meant by NN. Yeah emailed them a while ago now just waiting to see what they say, in my control panel it says my password is the same and when I login into Nitrous Networks website it’s still the same there as well.

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Do you know how check/change that it is with Oxide?

I can only vouch for how HFB servers store it, but I imagine it’s very similar. I’ve not personally used NN, sorry.

If you have Oxide installed it will show in your “Mod manager”. Next to the core Oxide plug in it will say installed. Again, this is from a HFB viewpoint, the mod manager may be called something different or the interface may work in another way.

In my case it was that the password wasn’t in both files.

I’ve checked the server.cfg file and the password is different to what my password actually was, I’ve changed it to what password is but still no luck

Try rebooting the server if you haven’t after the change

Yes! I got it to work, thanks so much, you’re a life saver!

You wouldn’t happen to know anything about getting the mods to work with NN via Oxide, that’s what I was having diificulty with in the first place, but thank you! :smiley:

No worries, glad I could help.

Sorry, I have no experience with NN. It would be purely guesswork.
Post your questions anyway though and someone else may be able to help.

Hey all. I have a similar problem here. My rcon worked fine until i installed the oxide mod. Now everytime I try to log into it, I get kicked out of my server. I have located my .cfg file within my server (using multiplays clanforge incase n e one was wondering). This is what it says.

##Current server cfg
##Do not edit these variables!
rcon.password “$$admin_passwd$$”
server.hostname “$$name$$”
##Below this line can be edited or added to

I have tried changing the password to the one I have always used. And i know it works because it did before I installed this. However when I save it automatically reverts it back to this. I have had oxide mods working in game but sometimes I want to access the rcon and its frustrating that it kicks me. If anyone can help I will be very grateful.