Rcon Password on server

On my server I made for me and my friends (they are able to connect), I can’t enter the rcon password. In my Server.cfg I have this:

“hostname” “my server Name
“rcon_password” “my password*”
other things down here

When I enter the server I go to the console and type: Rcon_password my password
When i do this i get nothing saying it is right. To make sure I try giving myself admin (I have Assmod) I then enter: ass_giveownership # (# = the number I am in server) and i don’t get a confirmation stating “Ownership Granted, or whatever” So I don’t have ownership. Please help

There are a couple of problems you are causing.

  1. Don’t put quotes on the rcon_password or password.
  2. When you make yourself admin via rcon you have to do something like “rcon ass_giveownership #”
  3. Assmod is outdated, un-supported, and broken. I suggest you switch to ULX.

I found the problem. When I changed the server.cfg because the rcon password was wrong and then I forgot to restart the server. Now its not responding XD