RCON password??

Hi, i have just finished setting up my own garrys mod build server and i added the assmod, but when i try to do the command in my console “ASS_giveownership” it says access denied, but when i try it like this: " rcon ASS_giveownership" it says bad password. I have not set a rcon password and ive even looked on my dedicated server tab and theres nothing about a password, so i dont have admin rights on my own server which is annoying 0_o. I would apreciate if one of you helpful guys would help :smiley: thanks for taking time in reading my topic.

rcon_password * in your servers config/console

Create a file named server.cfg in your servers directory- /orangebox/garrysmod/cfg/, make the file a .txt before turning it in to a .cfg file and type this in the file- “rcon_password <yourpassword>”. You can also add other commands you wish the server to run in this file, so if you wanted godmode to be on 24/7, then just put a space after your rcon pass and type “sbox_godmode <1/0>”, etc.

thank you so much dude, i like helpful guys like you who take up their time to help others xD thanks man

what are the ports for rcon with gmod

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RCon listens on the same port as “hostport”, aka the port the server runs on.

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It runs on TCP however so you can safely block the TCP port without affecting the server itself on UDP.

Hey guys so I’m trying to make an entity not be so OP, so I wanted to make a timer between spawning this **specific **entity. I don’t know lua apart from what I’ve seen and the 7 or so videos I watched on Python, so here’s my valient effort :confused: don’t judge me XD

        onBought = function()
        if timer < 900
            then lock "Viper"

(yes I did ‘lock’. I’m a mapper not a coder XD)

In other words, when someone spawns this entity I don’t want him to be able to spawn it for another 15 minutes.

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