RCON problems

I host my own server off an old pc (I have static IP). Whenever I need to use the console, I flip my KVM switch and access the console directly. One time while playing, I thought I should try using the rcon instead, so I type rcon_password password, and I don’t get any errors. Then I type rcon say Hello, but nothing happens. Odd enough, I can run rcon commands through ASSmod. Anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

sorry about wall of text

I have this problem too, I use a router, my theory is, you need to forward a port in your router for rcon, I’m not sure about this, and I don’t know what port it is. But you can still rcon your server if you go to console and do:

rcon_password PASSWORD
rcon say Hello World

That usually works for me.

hmm… I didn’t even think of using the internal IP. That’s a good idea for now, but what confused me is how ASSmod could issue rcon commands but I couldn’t, but I assume that that has something to do with ASSmod actually being run on the server, so it is really issuing commands directly to the console.

ughh NO

first enter your pass in the game

rcon say WTF


Have you ever tried hosting a server behind a router?

@spartin lol, you fail… he means RCON (Remote Console :P) Which means you ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE SERVER!!!

@dj Use HLSW and use the LAN ip. HLSW makes it 10000000 times easier.

actully i just found something

when i was admin in ulx i could use rcon

when i was only admin in assmod i coulnt

see if that works

Both use game.ConsoleCommand (Or a variation of it) to run ‘rcon’ commands. It is not rcon in the same way as Source rcon, and so are completetly unrelated to it.