Rcon program for GMod


I’m looking for a RCon program for a server.
Like Rcon.exe etc.
It’s not easy to login everytime, i want to login from each PC i want.
Is there a already exist program, or is someone making it?


(Sorry for my English)

You can use HLSW.

Agreed, HLSW from HLSW.com is an excellent piece of kit if you have an rcon-supported game.

I thought HLSW is only a serversearch program?

Nope, works as a administration program for quite a few RCon supported games. And can support Lua plugins, but I never figured that out…

Mkay, Thanks everyone!
I gonna try it!


/correcting a moderator (probably gonno get banned D:)

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, I tried to search HLSW.com, but I get some software company.
Google is my best friend :smiley: